Love is in the air. Yes! Love in October. Manu and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary! Yehey!!! We are in our 4th year. Imagine that! Not so long time ago, October 22, 2008 marked the start of our “commitment”, though we were super friends since our frosh days in La Salle. Time really flies fast when you are having fun.

We had our dinner at Gayuma ni Maria. It’s a bewitchingly gastronomic restaurant according to their Facebook Page. They serve authentic magical dishes that would surely entice your palate. Their menu is interesting since you’ll be seeing a lot of magical  enchantments and interesting dishes you haven’t seen before.

DSC03428 DSC03429

The theme of the restaurant is Halloween since the month of November is coming. Look at the witch at their porch. Looks scary. DSC03431 DSC03432 DSC03434 DSC03437 DSC03450 DSC03454Tuliro (A bed of nachos and lettuce topped with slivers of meat and fresh fruits with succulently sinful sour cream and cheese sauce)

DSC03456 DSC03458

H.H.W.W.P.S.S.P. – Holding Hands While Walking Pa-Swing Swing Pa (Crisp fried peppery chicken tenders with rice)


Rock Me Baby! (Hickory BBQ pork ribs served with vegetables and your choice of rice or mashed potato)


I’m Wild for You (Spaghetti concoction of wild mushroom in rich white cheesy creamy sauce)

DSC03467 DSC03468 DSC03476 DSC03475 DSC03474 DSC03473 DSC03469 DSC03496Honeymoon Cake

DSC03499 DSC03502 DSC03503 DSC03505 DSC03506 DSC03510 DSC03512 DSC03514

We both enjoyed the food and the place though it’s small, it still cozy.Two Thumbs Up!!!

XOXO!!! :)